The ORTO-Da Clown Workshop

Finding your inner clown and by so express your naivety with pleasure and personal experience.

The acting method:

Yinon Tzafrir  is using the “Open Circle”. a method developed by Amir Uriyan were the main purpose is to catch what happen to you at every moment and to express it.  By doing so, the actor became more powerful, charismatic and mainly the actor transform from a performer to an artist.

At the workshop the actor will learn how to work in high voltage adrenalin. They will learn to use fear, emotions, imagination, all the senses and crazy thoughts as fuel that is essential to every actor on stage.


Where is the real life? On stage or on life?

During the workshop Yinon will teach how to work as a group, together (as you can see in his creation TONES ) Yinon will also take all the group and work in the streets.

The importance of working in the street is to experience the powerful insight that by working with this method you observe people are moving in the world as machines while the clown is able to live the moment and actually not playing at all, the clown manage to connect and for a slight moment bring the people to a real moment, to feel alive.

You will working on being naive, crazy, foolish, groove and eccentric.

Yinon is an actor for more than 20 years, he created Stones, an international performance that won more than 10 prices over the world.

Requirements: 2  minutes text that the actor know by heart (can be also a song) and comfortable clothes.

Duration of workshop: 5 hours.


סדנאות אורתו-דה | Workshops ORTO-Da

The postmodern game and the open circuit system - a personal experience as a tool to expand the player's range.

סדנאות אורתו-דה | Workshops ORTO-Da

Stylized stage expression - the tragic condition of the creative person and the red nose mask.

סדנאות אורתו-דה | Workshops ORTO-Da

Street theater and group work in a public space.