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Best Performance Award and Best Actress Award in the Performing Arts Creative Competition, 2021

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17. 10 | Tzavta, Tel-Aviv | 20:30 | tickets

Theatre play:

Mali Shabu, is interviewed on the occasion of the publication of her book, that tells the story of her return to religion, when she receives a phone call that shakes her world.
Nina Arbiv, her childhood friend, from whom she has been separated for years, visiting her mother, unconscious in hospital, is watching an excerpt from Mali’s broadcast interview and her heart skips a beat.
Both are sent back to their girlhood memories, as heart and soul friends in the poor immigrant neighborhood of the 1970’s.
Memories of girls-at-risk, dealing with adversity, while laughing and hurting, playing and having adventures.
Memories of many dreams and one eternal oath.
What happened between them that broke their oath?
Is it possible to heal the wound, to mend that gap that has opened up over thirty years since their childhood in the old neighborhood?
A human drama that brings together the distant worlds of past and present, religion and secularism, love and morals, and one great promise.

Creators & participants:

By: Ilanit Dado – Lansky
Adapted for Theatre and writing consultant: Yifat Zandani-Tzafrir
Directed by: Yifat Zandani-Tzafrir
Movement: Amit Levy
Set design: Roy Vattori
Music: Isser Shulman
Costumes: Mor Hemed
Lighting: Guy Galili
Artistic Advisor: Yinon Tzafrir
Artistic Consultant: Avi Gibson Barel
Poster design: Ofra Amit
Actresses: Ilanit Lansky / Tali Ben-Yosef and Adi Zorea

Huge thanks to: Lena Pasternak, Daniel Zafrani, Ofir Rosen, Uri Orian, Kfir Azulai, Vardi Friedman, Tzipi Gilad, Guy Mansour, Ilana Shachar, Carmela Elbaz, Tzachi Balanga, Reut Kafri, Tuti and Roni Porat and Irit Fogel.