ORTO-Da Theatre Group was established in Israel at the initiative of Yinon Tzafrir, with Yifat Zandani Tzafrir & Avi Gibson Bar-El joining in 1996.

ORTO-Da won many international theatre prizes since then. The group’s purpose is to create and perform unique theatre events. The group focuses on studying and performing through the use of an original international language, based on the research of human and physical behavior.

The ORTO-Da name expresses the tension between the desires to save old ways of thinking and the ambition to create new ones. The first half of the word is cut from the orthodox, which expresses the cultural memory and roots. The second half of the word is cut from the word Dada, the cultural movement that explored new territories of art. Combining the two words together creates an artistic harmony.

In Hebrew, the word ‘ORTO-Da’ divides into two different words: Or means “Light” and Toda means “Thank You”.