For the first time in Israel!
A classic play adapted for modern street theatre production.

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 04/04/21 | Gan Ha-Pisga,  Tirosh Amphitheater| 18:00 

23/04/21 | 12:00

14/05/21 | 12:00

*The location of the show will be announced later

Theatre play:

Is justice possible in a society where the judges themselves are about to be hanged? What comes first – the good of the individual or the good of society, and can they come together?

We witness a public trial, held on a staircase that leads nowhere, the cast on stilts, wearing grotesque masks and in spectacular costumes. The wife of a greedy governor, a kitchen girl with a conscience, a drunken judge and a little boy meet in the town square to do justice.

The spectacle also includes a crooked lawyer, a loyal girlfriend and a broken-hearted lover – and together they create a dynamic theatre experience, zany yet realistic, extravagant and also natural, alienating and especially touching. At the end the judge will have to determine who belongs to whom, in an unconventional way.

A performance inspired by the scene of the court-case in Brecht’s play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” becomes street theatre at its best, under the direction of the father of Israeli street theatre – Abraham Dana.

Creators & participants:

Adaptation for street theatre: Yinon Tsafrir, Avraham Dana

Directed by Abraham Dana

Dramaturgy: Yifat Zandani Tsafrir

Set and Costume design: Ya’ara Zadok

Masks and Accessories: Tova Berman

Cast: Noa Abramovsky, Oleg Meltzav, Orit Mamrod, Michael Marx, Moshe Tito Chuds, Yinon Tsafrir, Hagar Rish