A hilarious play where both adult and child collapse with laughter!

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“Beit Kimhi”, Tel-Aviv| 07/11/19 |  17:00 

Misgav – Community Center ​ |  26/12/19 |  17:30 

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Theatre play:

A suitcase-full of clothes, a plane ticket and a head-full of dreams. That’s all it takes to fly away, far away. Sounds simple?
Not to someone who works at the airport, stuck on the ground, between take-off and landing, lugging the luggage, ticketing the tickets and fulfilling other people`s fantasies.
But what happens when suddenly, between take-off and landing, a strike breaks out? All the suitcases, the tickets and the dreams get jumbled up into a wild comedy of errors!
A performance without words, full of humor, magic and gimmicks, which goes completely off the runway and ensures

Finding your inner clown and by so express your naivety with pleasure and personal experience.

The acting method:

Yinon Tzafrir  is using the “Open Circle”. A method developed by Amir Orian. The main purpose is to catch what happen to you at every single moment and to express it. The actor,  by doing so, become more powerful, charismatic and mainly the actor transform from a performer to an artist.

At the workshop the actor will learn how to work in high voltage adrenalin. They will learn to use fear, emotions, imagination, all the senses and crazy thoughts as fuel that is essential to every actor on stage.


A visual comedy in motion for all ages a parable about lives that supposedly exist somewhere else and about a world so modern that leads to a loss of uniqueness and identity.

“Terminal 1” is perfomed in All Kindes of Festivals:
Open air/indoor Day or Night, Theater, Dance, Visual, Puppets, mime & street.

Creators & participants:

By: Yinon Tzafrir and Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
Direction: Yinon Tzafrir and Daniel Zafrani
Props design: Tova Berman and Pancho Edelberg
Costume Design: Mor Hemed and Dalia Pen
Sound editing: Daniel Zaafrani
Lights: Uri Morag
Artistic guidance: Avraham Dana, Avi Gibson Bar-El
Cast: Lia Green, Iris Volcan, Naama Yakobovich & Yinon Tzafrir