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A hilarious play where both adult and child collapse with laughter!

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“Beit Kimhi”, Tel-Aviv| 07/01/21 |  17:00 

Misgav – Community Center  |  26/01/21 |  17:30 

*Tickets – In Coordination With The Office

Theatre play:

A suitcase-full of clothes, a plane ticket and a head-full of dreams. That’s all it takes to fly away, far away. Sounds simple?
Not to someone who works at the airport, stuck on the ground, between take-off and landing, lugging the luggage, ticketing the tickets and fulfilling other people`s fantasies.
But what happens when suddenly, between take-off and landing, a strike breaks out? All the suitcases, the tickets and the dreams get jumbled up into a wild comedy of errors!
A performance without words, full of humor, magic and gimmicks, which goes completely off the runway and ensures

A visual comedy in motion for all ages a parable about lives that supposedly exist somewhere else and about a world so modern that leads to a loss of uniqueness and identity.

“Terminal 1” is perfomed in All Kindes of Festivals:
Open air/indoor Day or Night, Theater, Dance, Visual, Puppets, mime & street.

Creators & participants:

By: Yinon Tzafrir and Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
Direction: Yinon Tzafrir and Daniel Zafrani
Props design: Tova Berman and Pancho Edelberg
Costume Design: Mor Hemed and Dalia Pen
Sound editing: Daniel Zaafrani
Lights: Uri Morag
Artistic guidance: Avraham Dana, Avi Gibson Bar-El
Cast: Lia Green, Iris Volcan, Naama Yakobovich & Yinon Tzafrir