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A breath taking show that has won 10 international theatre awards !

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5.11 |   MUNICH | Germany


Theatre play:

What happens when bird droppings awaken an entire monument of hero fighters?
“Stones” is a visual poetic event, created by Yinon Tzafrir.
This performance is inspired by “The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument” by Nathan Rapoport (1911-1987).
“Stones” tells a story through the eyes of a sculpture that comes to life and takes us an ironic journey through the 20th century, a journey among spirits and memories.
This is bitter-sweet and surprising performance, full of strong images, where the present flirts with the past and shock is followed by laughter. In this performance we see passion for life, heroic myth and victory of the spirit.
The performers prove that poetry & imagination are the tools that can transform even the ugliest moment in history into beauty and hope. By means of subtle acting, a unique soundtrack & original visual metaphors “Orto-Da Group” creates a new theatrical language.

“Stones” is performed at a variety of festivals:
Open air/indoor, day or night,
theater, dance, visual, puppets or mime & street festivals.

Creators & participants:

Created by: Yinon Tzafrir
Directors: Yinon Tzafrir, Daniel Zafrani
Dramaturge: Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
Scenography: Miki Ben Knaan
Costumes, wigs and props: Tova Berman
Sound design: Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir
Lighting design: Uri Morag
Performers: Yaniv Moyal, Motty Sabag, Kama Berman, Ofer Yerushalmi, Michael Marks and Yinon Tzafrir

Awards and Reviews

‘It is a show full of beauty, but also an irony in which 5 actors and 1 actress ‘’live’’ on the scene like a monument. Richness of poetic elements perfect acting, great light and music, are just some few elements of this perfect and great theater story’
PUFF theatre festival PULA CROATIA 2008
‘The ORTO-Da Theater offers a mime show of rare creativity, original, intense and poetic. It stirs our conscience and heightens our emotions with modesty and delicacy’
TERRACE, Avignon 2009
‘The detail, the slightest gesture or glance is sketched with the touch of poetry, allegory and humor that goes to the heart of the snapsht’
PROVENCE France 2009

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Open air Technical needs

Indoor Technical needs

אהבה - מוצרים קוסמטיים מים המלח
Many thanks to AHAVA factorie, which donate the mud from the dead sea, to the performance.