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When visual mime meets imagination - magic becomes reality.

Theatre play:

A poetic human comedy about the stations in human life, in the struggle against destiny and the forces of nature.

What happens, when the earth shakes below us ? Maybe our life is like an egg, from which one can hatch and be reborn like a bird? Or maybe, in the demanding machine of human existence, what will be left of man in the end are just spare parts: head, hands, body, legs… 

All of these questions will be answered in the show Speakless without saying a single word.

Daniel Zafrani has won many prestigious international awards as one of the most virtuoso modern pantomime artists.

Creators & participants:

Direction, writing and performance: Daniel Zafrani
Artistic consultation: Yinon Zafrir
Lighting Design: Uri Morag

More mime "numbers" of Daniel Zafrani:

lamour des fleurs