A spectacular visual experience of delightful deception!

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 28/02/21 |  10:00 | park Eshkol

 30/01/21 |  11:30 | Kibbutz Gan Shmuel 

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Theatre play:

Daniel Zafrani has won many prestigious international awards & is one of the most virtuoso pantomime artists in the world. He has worked with the Orto-Da Theater group over the years co directing   and creating a brilliant one  ow called Speakless-poetic human comedy, without words, about the stations in a person’s life, in their struggle against destiny, & forces of nature.

What happens to a person when the earth shakes below him? What is more turbulent, the wind outside or the mind inside, and how will all of these affect his world? Is life the craft of survival or is it like an egg from which one can hatch and be reborn like a bird? Or maybe in the end what will be left of man are just spare parts: head, hands, body, legs in the demanding machine of human existence…

All of these questions will be answered in the show Speakless without saying a single word. &

Creators & participants:

Direction, writing and performance: Daniel Zafrani
Artistic consultation: Yinon Zafrir
Lighting Design: uri morag