Ktzat Aheret

After years of artistic direction of international theatre festivals, we are excited this year to bring you something “A Little Bit Different”,

a festival dedicated entirely to the works of the Orto-da Group, old and new.

The Festival, that will take place at the ZOA House in Tel Aviv for three days of original theatre in a language that is, a little bit different, and a program that is, a little bit different.

A festival that seeks to touch every viewer’s heart and to take them on a journey into an awareness that is, “A Little Bit Different.”

The festival will bring you:

visual theatre without words, alongside theatre that is primarily words,

a show that is entirely modern electronic music alongside performances that work with pop art music,

plays performed in halls as well as free, moving performances in the open spaces of the ZOA house.

The ZOA House, Tel Aviv-  in cooperation with ‘Beit Lessin’

Chol Hamoed Sukkot 27,28,29 In September –

Meta-Rabin| ZOA Tel-Aviv| 27/09/2018 |20:00 |

free of charge.