Hila Spector

הילה ספקטור - Hila Spector

Hila Spector – Actress

Hila is an artist to her core. She acts, paints, films and directs.
She is a video art and animation artist, and is responsible for the short films that sum up ORTO-Da’s various international tours.

Date of birth: 29 January 1984.
Birthplace: Ramat Gan, Israel; born as one of quadruplets.
Meaning of name: a ring of light that is formed around a holy man [halo]; a conjugation of Hila is a herb that is used in coffee and bolsters the liver [cardamon].
Eye colour: Light blue.
Marital status: Single.
Hila loves: Quality meat, observing, thinking, Argentina, photographing, massages, pamperings and the good life, refined humour, post post post modern art, diving and fish watching, indie music and public transport.
Hila hates: Negative numbers, blocked sinks, offices, normal people and old toothpastes, social networks and driving.
Favourite colour: Yellow.
Blood type: VH1.
Hila believes: It does not matter through what glasses you see the world, it’s the frame of the glasses that is always the most exciting.