The Artistic Director’s Introduction:

“In a house where there are no rules, fate runs amok, luck hangs around and chance pays a visit” wrote the author Meir Shalev. This is true when it comes to rules at home: “so when fate does what it is told, luck is not required, and chance remains outside, shouting and knocking on the door and unable to enter,” but


USA/Germany | Peter Shub 

Peter Shub, the award-winning international comedian is in Haifa. A show full of wonderful foolishness! With his cheeky invisible dog, with a magic trick that just won’t work and with a coat that has a mind of its own, Shub juggles masterfully between parody and mime, situation comedy and improvisation, in physical comedy that is striking in its simplicity and its sincerity. A cross-generational show where children and adults laugh together and don’t even know why.

Ages:10 and up
Duration: 30 minutes
Creator & performer:  Peter Shub
Picture Credit: Moritz Küstner and Jean-Marc Trichard.

Silver Clown at Monte Carlo International Circus Festival.
Silver clown at Paris Cirque du Demain Festival.
Jury Award at Cannes International Theatre Festival.
1st Prize Virginia Mime Festival.
Swiss Club Award for Comedy.
GOLDEN CLOWN – Festival of Ekaterinburg, Russia.

9-10/04 |15:25-15:55, 16:50-17:20 |   stage 9

11/04 | 13:30-14:00 | stage 9


פיטר שאב נופל וקם - STAND UP AND FALL DOWN


Israel | Orto-Da

Three huge babies, who have just found their feet, suddenly find themselves outside their baby-pen, out in the big wide world. In their fresh view of the world of adults, and with the courage of beginners, they explore what is around them, turning human behavior into child’s play and every-day materials into an endless world of inventions. They create a colorful reality, touching all that is human with humor, and all that is foolish with compassion and love. A magical show that expands the heart, changes our perspective, and leaves us with a huge smile.

Ages: for all the family
35 minutes

Idea and Director: Daniel Zafrani
: Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir
: Ruth Toby
: Yifat Zandani Tzafrir
Yaniv Moyal, Sol Baez/Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir/Hagar Rish

Picture credit: Jerome Aarush 

9+10/04 |12:20-13:00, 15:15-15:50, 17:10-17:50| stage 15

11/04 | 11:05-11:45 |  stage 15


בייביז - Babies


Spain | ymedioteatro

Alex and Santos create magic in a story about love and connection and all with the help of a shirt that comes to life and enters both our hearts and sleeves. Connected by rhythm, passion and curiosity, they prove to us, that imagination makes everything possible  “and that friendship is one soul that lives in two houses” (Aristotle). Puppet theater with a shirt and modern clowning at its best.

Ages: 6 and up
30 minutes

Direction:ymedioteatro, Delfín Caset and Zero en conducta Company
Álex Ramos y Santos Sánchez
Graphic design:
Olaavi Naamio
Technical design and direction:
Anette Malaussène y Álex Ramos
Pictuer Credit:
Antonio Rosillo

Best show at Titirijai Festival 2016 and best players in NOCTIVAGOS 2022.

9+10/04 |12:35-13:05, 14:45-15:15,17:25-17:55| stage 10

11/04 | 11:15-11:45 | stage 10


אהבה מהשרוול - ECHO


France | Fabrizio Rosselli 

Fabrizio is a stubborn dreamer in a world of his own, with its own inner logic. Using dozens of buckets, he creates a new set of rules ending in an impossible task. With a dreamy and uncompromising look, Fabrizio takes us into his world full of determination, imagination, and creativity, and with him we go step by step through his absurd plan, learning the rules, skipping a heart-beat and adopting a compassionate and playful look at the human spirit challenging the forces of nature.

Ages:  6 and up
35 minutes
Fabrizio Rosselli                                                                  Stage direction assistance: Etienne Manceau
Picture Credit:
Charlotte Moreaux

Awards:Groupe Geste 2019

9+10/04 |11:25-12:00, 14:00-14:35| stage 9

11/04 | 12:05-12:40 | stage 9


מזל דלי - Bakéké

Bath Flop

France | Barbara Probst 

Welcome to the luxurious “Hush Bathtubs” Showroom. Meet Irena Soft, who presents the “Edward” model, the most modern bathtub, so clean, spectacular and elegant. What could possibly go wrong?

Splashes of madness and showers of absurdity, become a cheeky, comical, and wild show that will leave you bubbled with joy.

Ages: for all the family
20 minutes

Creator and preformer: Barbara Probst
Facundo Diab
Photographer Credit:
Carla Spiessens, Maxime Pietri

9+10/04 |11:05-11:25,13:00-13:20 | stage 17

11/04 | 11:45-12:05 | stage 17


מלכת האמבטיה - Water stories צרפת | Barbara Probst 

Time to loop

Italy | Duo Kaos 

With perfect coordination and elegant virtuosity, Julia and Luis create an acrobatic bicycle show that is pure poetry. A mesmerizing duet which explores the physical space with daring, and the emotions with pleasure. They break the laws of physics, forge a playful relationship, and all without losing balance for a moment. A breath-taking duet that has never been seen since the invention of the wheel!

Ages: for all the family
30 minutes

Creators and performers: Giulia Arcangeli ,Luis Paredes , Duo Kaos
Picture Credit:
Stefan Gorg

1st Prize Orangobando C.IT.A 2015.
1st Prize Winner of the Jury 17.

9+10/04 |13:25-13:55, 16:15-16:45 | stage 16

11/04 | 12:45-13:15 | stage 16


איך שגלגל - Time to loop

Blue Birds

Netherlands | Close Act 

From a hidden forest, an ancient castle or an enchanted labyrinth, magnificent blue birds emerged and appear here, and in a breath-taking display they introduce us to their ancient and eternal world. They observe us, seek connection, and remind us of who we are, and what is really important. A wonderful show that offers us a glimpse of the timeless symbol of the blue bird, and reminds us that happiness is within reach.

Ages: for all the  family

Duration: 35 minutes

Directors:Hesther Melief, Tonny Aerts
Jelleke Jorritsma
performers: Kenneth Gerard, Tessa Moors, Remco Schoonbrood   
Phicture Credit:

9+10/04|11:15-11:50, 13:20-13:55,                                             

14:20-15:55,17:20-17:55 |walk act

11/04 | 13:25-14:00 |  walk act


Blue Birds - ציפורים בכחול


Netherlands | Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman meets Merel Kamp

An extravagant romantic comedy in the style of the silent movies, about an old-fashioned man and woman, hanging on rusty steel springs, who may be limited in their freedom of movement, but not in their freedom to love.

 A show in which the magic created between the players will jump-start your heart, and pinch your cheeks till you begin to smile.

Ages: for all the  family
20 minutes

Concept & performance: Jos van Wees and Merel Kamp
Director: Vincent de Rooij

Picture Credit:Frank Scheffka

9+10/04 |12:00-12:20, 14:45-15:05, 17:50-18:10 | stage 14

11/04 | 13:20-13:40 | stage 14


אביב הגיע - springtime


Netherlands | Teatro Pavana

The most beautiful, spectacular, and fancy-feathered parrots you have ever seen, walking with great nobility, and cheek. They’re silly, playful and curious. They will fascinate you and leave you, wide-eyed and speechless!

And if one of them invites you to dance – go for it but take care, they really get jealous!

Ages:for all the family
40 minutes

Director and Designer:Judith Melief

Picture Credit: Hassan Mahramzadeh

9+10/04 |14:45-15:25, 16:45-17:25 | walk act

11/04 | 11:00-11:40, 13:00-13:40 | walk act


The basket

Israel | Noa Becker

Chirping birds, sunshine and a couple of lovers, that’s all you need for a successful picnic, and maybe one that will change one’s whole life!

In order not to disturb or to be seen, you are invited to take a look inside the basket and between the wine and the cheese  you will discover a few more surprises. A show that is full of wonder, laughter, and magic that sweeps the viewer to another side of the story, and through an unconventional angle, proves to us that in the end it’s all a matter of one’s point of view.

A 4-minute mini-show.

Ages: 3 and up
4 minutes mini show. wil replay throughout   the festival
Direction, concept, acting and design
: Noa Becker
Sound editing:
Amitai Rotenberg

Pictures Credit:Dor Kedmi

9+10/04 |11:15-12:00, 12:55-13:25, 14:05-14:50, 15:45-16:15, 16:45-17:15 | stage 19

11/04 | 11:45-12:05, 12:20-12:45, 13:15-14:00 | stage 19

הסל - The basket

Very lost

France | Les Etablissements Lafaille

With a lot of sophisticated equipment, one map and two moustaches  a highly motivated and energetic pair of backpackers are determined to get to their destination.

But where is it???

Without any sense of direction, without any knowledge, but with a special talent for getting into trouble, the two never miss an opportunity to get lost.

Ages: for all the make up family
30 minutes

Actors : Tony Noyers and David Robichon
Picture credit: Jeff Rabillon 
9+10/04 |11:50-12:20, 17:05-17:35 | walk act

11/04 | 12:30-13:00, 13:30-14:00 |walk act

אבודים VERY LOST

The Ward of Adventure

Israel | Avital Davori

What do you do when the sick rabbit refuses to take medicine?
Tilla the unconventional nurse has a solution!
In her hands a syringe, a thermometer, and the whole medical toolbox that  will become part of a world where everything is possible.
A theater of objects, puppets and clowning that puts  healing power of play and imagination in the center of the stage.

Ages: for all the family
30 minutes

Idea, direction and performance
: Avital Davori
Object design: Alit Weber
Original music: Roy Yarkoni
Lighting design: Asi Gottesman
Costume:Jasmine Volk
Production: Encouraging original Israeli work &  Puppet Theater Center
Picture Credit:
Yohan Segev
Supported by :
Mif’al Hapais, Ministry of Culture,Independent Theater
and Performance Art
Creators Organization EVE 

9+10/04 |13:25-13:55, 16:15-16:45 | stage 12

 Website link:

הרפתקה במחלקה



The Freaks are a crazy and eccentric couple in a wild show of magic, circus and music that gets out of control!
She has the natural talent to shine on stage but also the talent to ruin every moment of the show.

He has the talent to persevere and to maintain his stony-face despite the disasters created by his wife.

Fortunately, love saves them from the catastrophe they fall into every moment anew. In a chaotic and witty comedy, you’ll scream with laughter!

Ages: for all the  family
35 minutes

Creators and performers:
Romina A Krause, Sebastian Marcel Guz.
Clowns: Romina a Krause, Sebastian Gus
Music  and Technical: S. Blomberg
Stage desing and props:  La Mona Risa
Dress design: Sandra Rincon
Directors and performers: Romina a Krause, Sebastian Gus
Picture Credit: Mundo Costrini

9+10/04 |12:05-12:40, 17:30-18:05| stage 6

11/04 | 11:10-11:45 | stage  6


הפריקיס - FRIKIS

Last Minute 

Netherlands | TukkersConnexion

Full of passion for life, the most colorful characters run and hurry, but to where…?

They want to do everything, to stop time, to fall in love, to laugh, to go dancing, will they have enough time for all this?
Maybe the one who finds without searching is the one who searched for a long time without finding…

Ages: for all the family
35 minutes

Directopr and creatior:Roy Tukkers
performers: Andres Leertower,Roy ,Tukkes, Irene Kurves, Godelivie Huijs
Picture Credit: Roy Tukkers. 

9+10/04 |11:20-12:00, 13:55-14:24,15:40-16:10,16:45-17:15| walk act

11/04 | 12:10-12:40 | walk act


ב- דקה התשעים - Last Minute


Austria | Theater Irrwisch 

The Bobbies are typical British policemen, in spic and span London Bobby uniforms and equipped with sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek British humor. With virtuoso skills on tall stilts, while interacting with the audience, these unorthodox keepers of order create irresistible and graceful chaos! Delighting the audience with their ability to improvise, they create absurd and crazy, situations, with dead-pan delivery and innuendo typical of the British.

Ages: for all the family
35 min
Picture Credit
Theater Irrwisch

9+10/04 |12:30-13:05, 13:55-14:30, 16:10-16:45| walk act

11/04 | 12:00-12:35 | walk act


בוביז - BOBBIES


France | Charlotte de la Bretèque

Charlotte created a curtain with many strings and she plays on it with mesmerizing acrobatics.
With sweeping virtuosity and captivating grace, she swings and slides, twirling and dancing on her curtain of strings, tugging our heart-strings with wonder, and delight in a breathtaking show.
With spectacular images, she creates a world, of both harmony and contrast, weaves a web of enchantment that leaves the audience breathless.

Ages: for al the  family
10 minutes

Creator and performer: Charlotte de la Breteque
Picture Credit:Charlotte de la Bretèque

9+10/04 |11:05-11:15, 13:10-13:20, 14:35-14:45,16:00-16:10| stage 8

11/04 | 11:50-12:00, 14:00-14:10 | stage 8


Open-Air Street Theater – 2023 Haifa Theater Festival

The Artistic Director’s Introduction “In a house where there are no rules, fate runs amok, luck hangs around and chance pays a visit” wrote the author Meir Shalev.

This is true when it comes to rules at home: “so when fate does what it is told, luck is not required, and chance remains outside, shouting and knocking on the door and unable to enter,” but outside, in the world and open to the horizon, where the sun reveals the rainbow of human flaws, and illuminates them with compassion, with humor and with love of humanity, there, in wonderful street art, fate runs amok, luck never arrives and coincidence is the most welcome guest there is. The Open-Air Theater, open to the sky and open to the heart, which embraces everything outside the frame and where the only rule, is that there is no rule!

The Open-Air Theater Complex is celebrating 33 years of innovative theatrical festivals for children, symbolizing the crossing of barriers, breaking down the walls, opening the doors and expanding the boundaries to all that is beyond them. Vibrant art that is maddening, daring and dangerous. Art that challenges the limitations of the body and strums the strings of the soul. Art that rebels against the laws of logic, disentangles prejudice and places free-spirited, lofty-hearted humanity at the forefront of the stage. The ORTO-Da Theater Group, whose roots are planted deeply in the tradition of street theater, is thrilled and proud to present to you, for this, the ninth year, cutting edge and jaw-dropping theatrical experiences, from Israel and all over the world including 15 international, original and innovative projects by the best artists from: from France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Spain, Argentina and of course from Israel which will fill the theater plaza and Benjamin Gardens with beauty, audacity, poetry and inspiration. Each show has its own unique style, and all of them have one element in common – Humanity, its strength and its fragility.
It is a great privilege to promote and to advance the art of street theater in Israel, and to bring the audience these fascinating opportunities for enriching our cultural encounter.
Many good people share this privilege, and we thank them. Special thanks to Nitza Ben Zvi, the festival’s CEO, who shares with us the vision of turning the Haifa Festival into an international festival. A big thank you to Roy Segev, the Artistic Director of the festival, for his cooperation and faith in the team, and to Moshe Naor, the Artistic Director of the Haifa Theater for a wonderful partnership.
A huge thank you to the wonderful team of the ORTO-Da Theater, to the unique Shani Luzon – the Production Coordinator and Assistant to the Artistic Directors, who works night and day for the festival, to the designer of the festival complex, Maya Babila for an imaginative design full of high-flying ingenuity, in every sense, to Yifat Zandani – Zafrir for her finely-tuned and uncompromising artistic eye and to Helena Pasternak for her commitment and the soul and spirit she brings to her work. Thanks to the Haifa Theater team, the Haifa Municipality, the cultural attaché’s of Italian and French embassies for their support of the festival, and a huge “thank you” to the wonderful artists and the devoted audience who together celebrate creation and the human spirit!

Best regards,

Yinon Tzafrir, Avi Gibson Bar-El
ORTO-Da Theater Group

לוח הצגות ותיאטרון רחוב פסטיבל חיפה 2023