Chicken Soup

Israel | Orto-Da

Two famous, connoisseur chefs completely lose control of the chicken “Pulke”, that gives them a hilarious lesson in trickery, creativity, pranks and love, and proves to them that one little chicken can be a great cook. The secret is in the ingredients: a fine soup of modern clowning, visual theater, wonderful stage movement and a great tummy-ache from laughter.

Creators and performers:

Concept, direction and movement: Daniel Zafrani

Cast: Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir

Set and costumes:  Daniel Zafrani

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 35 minutes

Photographer Credit: Meira Gorai Raz

17-18/04 | 11:50-12:25, 14:20-14:55 | stage 17

19/04 | 11:50-12:25, 14:55-15:30 | stage 17

מרק עוף - chicken soup

Two of a Climb

Israel | Naaman Scheltzer and Jasmine Weiss

Two brave climbers set off to reach the summit! The map is out of date and the backpacks are heavy, but nothing will stop these two adventurous dreamers. They get swallowed up in a backpack, slip on a slope, and the climb becomes a comedy of errors! A show of acrobatics and laughter, which climbs high, and reaches the peak.

Creators and performers:

Costume Designers: Jasmine Volk, Matan Anhaysi

Creators and performers: Naaman Scheltzer, Jasmine Weiss

Music and editing:Stella Gutstein and Asael Weiss

Artistic advice: Noam Meiri, Sivan Scheltzer

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 30 minutes

Picture: Daniela Shelzer

17-18/04 | 12:30-13:00, 16:35-17:05 | stage 13

19/04 | 12:30-13:00, 14:20-14:50, 16:35-17:05 | stage 13

שני טיפוסים - Two of a Climb

Grandparents Forever

Israel | Familia Fantastic

We see Grandma and Grandpa as knitted figures, waiting at the train station for a particularly important guest.
They may be advanced in their years, but we see a youthful blush on their cheeks. They have many old habits, but a sparkle in their eyes. They are so graceful; it almost makes you want to grow old.
A clowning comedy without words, but full of poetry.

Creators and performers:

Creators and performers: Familia Fantastic – Emilia and Yuval Cohen

Design: Emelia Cohen

Knitting costumes and accessories:Emelia Cohen

The bench:Didi Alon

Music: Ido Manor

* Special thanks to Lily Cohen and the Municipal Youth Stage, Rehovot.
* The show was staged with the support of Mifal Hapayis

Ages: all family

Duration of the show:30 minutes

Website link:

Photo:Familia fantastic

17-18/04 | 11:15-11:50, 13:05-13:35, 15:00-15:30 | stage 16

19/04 | 11:15-11:50, 13:05-13:35, 15:00-15:30 | stage 16

סבא וסבתא לנצח -  Grandpa's Forever

wood & wood

Netherlands | Jonas & Friends

Two figures, carved from wood came to us from the old world. They creak and move slowly, stiffly. They have no flashing lights, or buttons to press, but they are moved by the wind, powered by the sun, and are made entirely of natural materials! Their eyes are full of expression, and their hearts are open to love. They will make you smile for no reason at all, because, touch wood – they are not just true friends – they are eco-friendly characters.

Creators and performers:

Jonas & Friends Group

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 40 minutes

Website link:

Photo: Jonas & Friends Group

17-18/04 | 11:50-12:30, 14:15-14:55, 16:10-16:50 | stage 6

19/04 | 11:50-12:30, 16:10-16:50 | stage 6

wood & wood-טאצ’ ווד

Brigitte’s Last Dance

Spain / Mexico | Cero en Conducta

Brigitte dreams of dancing. She longs for her youth and is flooded with memories. In a refined encounter, full of fragility and poetry, Julietta and Potaxa take her, and us too, back to the lost time, and to a world full of humor and humanity. In the twilight zone between the past and the present, between youth and old age, in the tension between movement and stillness, between memory and hope, they forge a relationship of love and compassion, laughter and optimism. This is a virtuoso performance of dance, puppetry and visual theater that will not leave a dry eye in the audience.

Creators and performers:

Creative directors and performers: Juliette Gascon and Potaxa

Sound design: Arnad Shafik and Potaxa

Lighting design and assistant director: David Macuada
Doll design: Angel Novro, Kim Dutor, Miguel Hernandez
Costume design: Agnes Loss de Neon and Claudia Pessio
Ages:  7 to 120 
Duration of the show: 30 minutes
PR and awards: Win the best show at the MIMOS France Festival 2018
Won the best show award at the PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO festival in Warsaw
Audience favorites at the PUPPET IS A HUMAN TOO festival in Warsaw won the best show award at the LLEIDA festival in 2017

Website link:

Photo: Andre Wirsig
17-18/04 | 12:35-13:05, 15:30-16:00 | stage 10

19/04 | 12:30-13:05, 15:30-16:00, 17:35-18:05 | stage 10

הריקוד האחרון של בריג'יט -The last dance of Brigitte


Italy | Michele Cafaggi

A story of air and clouds and bubbles. A modern Icarus, our frightened and courageous pilot, is determined to take us on a great adventure, a reckless and bungling flight, over foamy clouds and huge bubbles of spectacular fantasy, to go far, perhaps too far, to wonderful unknown worlds and to satisfy his curiosity even at the cost of sacrificing the things most dear to him.
A show dedicated to the dreamers who dare to fly high above the clouds and beyond all reason.

Creators and performers:

By and with Michelle Cafaggi

Directed by: טדTed Luminark

Original music: Marco Castelli

Setting: Officine Cervino

Graphics and accessories: Izumi Fujiwara, Stefano Turconi

Costumes and Tailoring:Franca Brenda, Leticia Di Blassi

Production: STUDIO TA-DAA!

Special thanks for the artistic, creative, logistical and technical collaboration: Sandro Cafaggi, Giovanni Garbagnati, Ivano Pavenello, Hiroshi Takamori

Ages: For the whole family

Duration of the show:30 minutes

PR and awards: Participation in many festivals across Europe, the Children’s Festival in Italy.
Giocateatro Italy and Melted Festival in France 2018

Website link:

Photo: Sonia Santagostino

17-18/04 | 13:45-14:15, 16:00-16:30 | stage 14

19/04 | 11:50-12:30, 16:10-16:50 | stage 14

איש הרוח -  UpWind

The Mural

France | Dédale de Clown

Two workers are diligently sticking posters to a wall. They work in perfect coordination, and with impressive acrobatic skills managing both to complicate the situation and to escape it. They dodge squirts of glue, survive dangerous falls, bumps and collisions and create not only a surrealistic collage of pictures, but also a brilliant dialogue between themselves and the murals. The collage becomes a surprising, original and spectacular story, and an incredibly funny and poetic creation. Is this an illustration of life, or is it a dream? And who are the dreamers? The poster stickers or maybe us?

Creators and performers:

Cast: Frederic Ribiere, Yano Banay

Director: Paula Rizza

The show is produced in collaboration with the National Center for Street Arts of Lorient.

Ages: 5 to 120

Duration of the show:35 minutes

Website link:

 Photo: Nicolas Hergoualc’h
17-18/04 | 11:55-12:30, 16:55-17:30 | stage 9

19/04 | 11:55-12:30 | stage 9

תלוי בקיר- The mural

Hello! – Out of Order

France | Compagnie du Petit Monsieur

Ivan Chary is just an ordinary, old-fashioned man, although his suit might be a bit too tight. He is trying to make an important call from a pay phone. With great talent, Chary manages to turn this routine situation into an impossible nightmare, as he complicates everything, tries every acrobatic trick, and does not miss a single mistake as he tries to make his call.
The public telephone of yesteryear reminds us, that even in the world of advanced technology, human nature remains as it was.

Creators and performers:

Director: Amandine Barrilon

Actor: Ivan Chary

Ages: 3 to 120

Duration of the show: 35 minutes

Website link:

Photo:Fien Van Herwegen
17-18/04 | 14:20-14:55 | stage 5

19/04 | 14:20-14:55 | stage 5 

הלו - Out of order

2 Seconds

France | Compagnie du Petit Monsieur

Ivan Chary from France is an almost ordinary person, who looks almost like everyone else and behaves almost according to the rules. But what happens when he opens a box that arrives in the mail…? Everything is almost out of control! A routine event becomes unexpectedly wild and funny, when a familiar and everyday object suddenly takes on a life of its own.

A one-man circus that delivers an unforgettable lesson in the wonders of the modern world, and that also makes us look at the reality in which we live, from a new and humorous angle.

Creators and performers:

Author:Amandine Barrilon

Actor: Ivan Chary

Ages: all family

Duration of the show:30 minutes

PR and awards: The show presented on the TV show: “La plus grand cabaret du monde” a leading program featuring the best circus and cabaret performances in France.

Website link:

Photo: Fien Van Herwegen

17-18/04 | 11:15-11:45 | stage 9

19/04 | 11:15-11:45 | stage 9

שתי שניות האוהל – 2 Seconds


Netherlands | Close-Act theater

Business people translate time into money, money into utility, utility into happiness and happiness – into time. With an illusion of happiness, and in keeping with the spirit of the time, they turn their lives into one permanent, artificial and monochromatic choreography. Their world is packed in a suitcase, marked with a barcode, and the only human connection they seek is through a phone call. A comical and disturbing apocalyptic vision of the world of tomorrow.

Creators and performers:

Idea and creation of the show: Close-Act Theater

Ages: all family

Duration of the show:30 minutes

Website link:
Photo: Close Act Theatre
17-18/04 | 15:00-15:30, 16:30-17:00, 18:00-18:30 | stage 6

19/04 | 15:00-15:30, 16:30-17:00 | stage 6

סוטס מי! - Suits


Italy / France | Mattatoio Sospeo

Mattatoio is kicked out of his house, into the middle of the street, just like in classic Italian melodrama. But the flying stunt master will do anything to get his beloved back. With the help of irony and poetry, when virtuosity meets great emotion, and together with the beautiful voices of the “Bel Canto” of the 30s, it is hard to resist him! And there is even room for new love!

The spectators are helplessly involved as Mattatoio hangs and flies above their heads until the breathtaking end.
A tribute to Keaton and Chaplin that leaves a taste for more.

Creators and performers:

Creator: Marco Mannucci

Co-creator and director: Adrian Schwarstein

Cast: Marco Mannucci, Hochine Bouguerra

Ages: all  family

Duration of the show: 30 minutes

PR and awards: Won two awards at Festival Lunhatica Italy

Website link:

Photo: Mattatoio Sospeo
17-18/04 | 13:10-13:40, 17:35-18:05 | stage 8

19/04 | 11:50-12:25, 13:00-13:40 | stage 8

אאוט! – Out!

Last Minute

Netherlands | TukkersConnexion

Full of passion for life, the most colorful characters run and hurry, but to where…? They’re eager to do everything, to stop time, to fall in love, to laugh, to go dancing, will they have enough time for all this?
Maybe the one who finds without searching is the one who searched for a long time without finding…

Director and Actor

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 40 min
Website link:

Photo: Roy Tukkers
17-18/04 | 11:55-12:35, 14:20-15:00, 17:05-17:45 | stage 12

19/04 | 11:55-12:35, 14:20-15:00, 17:05-17:45 | stage 17

LAST MINUTE בדקה התשעים

 Chair – a duet for a chair and a table

Austria | Sputniks

A splendid looking chair and table have had enough of being stuck. They decide to have some fun. In style and playfulness, with impudence and sweetness, they break the boundaries of logic, change the laws of nature and reveal to us that objects also desire friends.

Ages: all family

Duration of the show:40 min
Website link:

Photo: Joe Hofbauer, Jo List
17-18/04 | 12:30-13:10, 13:40-14:20, 15:15-15:55 | stage 6

19/04 | 12:30-13:10, 13:40-14:20, 15:10-15:50 | stage 6

דואט לכיסא ושולחן - Table & Chair


Netherlands | Pavana Theater

Four spectacular ostrich-shaped birds – colorful, tall and beautiful – come with their riders to the festival grounds. At first glance they seem delicate and fragile, but they look at the world fearlessly, full of curiosity, cheek and mischief. Their riders have a hard time keeping up! Who rides on whom? Who is in control and who is responsible for whom?

A breathtaking show that invites the audience to an experience from another world.

Creators and performers:

Creators: Judith Milf, Lorenzo Gagliardi

Directed by: Judith Milf

Artists: Biliana Vionova Simnov, ‘Gona Hika’, Maria Elizabeth ‘Marijev

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 30 minutes

Website link:

Photo:: Maria Giulia Costa

17-18/04 | 11:20-11:55, 15:15-15:50, 17:15-17:50 | stage 6

19/04 | 11:20-11:55, 15:15-15:50, 17:15-17:50 | stage 6

סטרוצי - Struzzi


Spain| Opaker

Choco and Lito are two recycled brothers, who take great care of the earth. Creatures, of great height, bighearted, full of love and generosity, they diffuse a great sense of caring for the world and everything in it.
An original and eco-friendly show where human connection is never a recycled idea.

Creators and performers:

Directed and created by Fernando Benitez

Acting: Nicholas Garrialdi

Ages: all family

Duration of the show: 40 min

Website link:
17-18/04 | 11:10-11:50, 13:00-13:40, 15:30-16:10 | stage 6

19/04 | 11:10-11:50, 13:00-13:40, 15:30-16:10 | stage 6

CHOCOLITOS _-שוקוליטוס
מפת מתחם תיאטרון חיפה 2022

Haifa Open Air Theatre Festival 2019

The Artistic Director’s Introduction

“Whoever builds a wall should think of everything they leave on the  outside.” wrote the Italian writer Italo Calvino.

People sometimes build walls, whether physical or metaphorical, and sometimes forget to bring in the world of emotions, and it is left outside.

The Open-Air Theater Complex is celebrating 33 years of innovative theatrical festivals for children, symbolizing the crossing of barriers, breaking down the walls, opening the doors and expanding the boundaries to all that is beyond them. A theater without walls, open to the sky, with an open heart, that embraces everything outside the frame. Vibrant, wild and dangerous art, which dares to challenge the limitations of the body and the mind, and dares to aim straight for the soul.  Art that disentangles prejudice, rebels against the laws of logic, and defeats time, while moving with grace, poetry and humor, playfully mimicking political correctness. Art that sharply redefines the limits of normality, reminding us, time and again of the greatness and fragility of mankind.

The ORTO-Da theater group, whose roots are planted deeply in the tradition of street theater, is thrilled and proud to present to you, for the eighth year, cutting edge and jaw-dropping theatrical experiences, from Israel and all over the world.

15  International, original and innovative projects, written and performed by some of the most accomplished artists from all over the world, will fill the theater plaza and Benjamin Garden with beauty, audacity, poetry and inspiration. From France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Holland, Spain and Barcelona, as well as new street theater productions from Israel! Each show has its own unique style, but they all have one common denominator – they view the world from outside the box.

It is a great privilege to promote and to strengthen the art of street theater in Israel, and to bring the audience these fascinating opportunities for enriching our cultural encounter. Many good people share this privilege, and we thank them.

Special thanks to Nitsa Ben Zvi, the festival’s CEO, who shares with us the vision of turning the Haifa Festival into an international festival. A big “thank you” to Roi Segev, the artistic director of the festival, for his cooperation and full trust and to Moshe Naor, the artistic director of the Haifa Theater for a wonderful partnership.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team of the ORTO-Da Theater, to the unique Shani Luzon – the production coordinator and assistant to the artistic directors, to Yifat Zandani-Zafrir and to Helena Pasternak for their commitment and the depth of soul and spirit they bring to their work.

Thanks to the Haifa Theater team, the Haifa Municipality, the cultural attache’s of Italy and France for their support of the festival, and a huge thank you to the wonderful artists and the dedicated audience who together celebrate creativity and the human spirit!

Best regards,

Yןnon Tzafrir, Avi Gibson Bar-El

ORTO-Da Theater Group – Artistic managers of “Open-Air  Theater”