Gibson Bar-El

גיבסון בר-אל - Gibson Bar-El

Gibson Bar-El – Artistic Consultant, Director and Performer

A founding member of ORTO-Da Theatre Group and an exceptional life and acting tutor, Gibson is the cornerstone of the group. A poet, a creator, a charismatic actor and a philosopher.

Date of birth: 17 February 1976.
Birthplace: Tel Aviv, Israel.
Meaning of name: Gibson was one of the first ever solid-centre electric guitars (as opposed to hollow body. guitars); famously played by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.
Eye colour: Green.
Marital status: Married to Yifat, they have a son named Dylan, after Dylan Thomas.
Gibson loves: To give his all, to help others and to donate to every beggar he comes across, parties, playing music, rock music, pop music and coke music, a walking stick; a lover of ideology, justice, taxis, crazy adventure parks, mushrooms, white nights, cigarettes and everything alternative, hard work, rehearsal rooms, an actor-facilitator, cranes, airplanes, adrenaline, Ritalin; loves being gentle.
Gibson hates: Eating meat, being pricked by a thistle and being buried in the ground; hates male clerks, prefers female clerks; hates flip-flops, meanness, sand and food that’s bland; hates people who are constantly moaning instead of having fun; hates social injustice.
Favourite colour: Soft black.
Blood type: B&B.
Gibson believes: In reformation of the human condition.