Best Picture award at the "Epos International ART FILM Festival", Tel-Aviv , 2015

Special broadcast of the all film with English subtitles

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Theatre play:

The story of the fringe theatre ‘Orto-Da’ whose play ‘Stones’ is based of a sculpture of the of the Warsaw Ghetto wariors.
Towards the end of the Second World War, the sculptor Natan Rappaport used granite stones, which were meant for a monument celebrating Hitler’s victory, to create a sculpture commemorating the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
Forty years later, Yinon Tzafrir and his theatre group ‘Orto-Da’ arrived in Poland to perform their play ‘Meta-Rabin’ which deals with the assasination of Yitzhak Rabin.
Due to a delay in their flight back to Israel they found themselves, by chance, at a ceremony commemorating the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto, at the place where the sculpture stands.
Yinon was left with a strong impression from the sculpture which radiated life and movement from the inert stone.
Without dialogue, but with the aid of an intricate sound track, and with movement and gestures of the ‘live’ sculpture the performance presents the Israeli Jewish narrative from the time of the Holocaust until today.
The creators present a critical view, at times grotesque, of the Israeli Jewish existence.

Creators & participants:

Production Research and Content Development: Sigal Landsberg
Director: Tor Ben-Mayor
Producer: Sigal Landsberg
Script: Tor Ben-Mayor
Photo: Manny Elias
Research: Sigal Landsberg
Editor: Tor Ben Mayor
Sound Design: Rotem Dror
Source: Israel Film Service
produced with the support of the Israel Film Service, the Ministry of Culture and Sports


The Fringe Story film was the official selection at the 2014 Jerusalem Film Festival
The Fringe Story film wins the first place at the EPOS INTERNATIONAL ART FILM, Tel Aviv Museum, 2015
The Fringe Story film represented Israel at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, United States

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The story of the Fringe group Orto-Da