Elena Pasternak

הלנה פסטרנק - Elena Pasternak מנהלת אדמיניסטרטיבית

Elena Pasternak – Administrative Manager

As a girl in the Soviet Union, I grew up in the theater, in the “Theater on Rose Street”, that exists and thrives these days as well. At that moment when I heard about Yinon Tzafrir and ORTO-Da Theater on Sderot Ha-Shoshanim (Rose boulevard), that voice from the belly (familiar?) called me to “close the circle” and join the ORTO-Da group. And I’m really happy about that.

Date of birth: Somewhere in the Brezhnev period, when the radio played classical music and soviet radio plays from morning to evening and the television broadcast “Swan Lake” 32 times a month.
Place of birth: Chisinau. (Not only pogroms happened in this beautiful, white, immersed in the parks town, but also virtuoso klezmer music, legendary Conservatory and crowded theaters).
Meaning of name: Remember Helena from Troy? So that’s it.
Eye colour: Khaki.
Marital status: Spouse and twins – girl and boy.
Elena loves: Conversations about this and that until the wee hours, guitar sounds and ringing rolling laughter.
Elena hates: Corruption, racism and lack of imagination.
Favourite colour: Yellow.
Blood type: Balkan& Slavic cocktail.
Elena believes: In the magical power of art.