A witty and funny duo clown/puppet visual performance, created and performed by Daniel Zafrani & Yinon Tzafrir

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27.08 |  Beveren | Belgium

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Theatre play:

Two famous, connoisseur chefs completely lose control of the chicken “Pulke”, that gives them a hilarious lesson in trickery, creativity, pranks and love, and proves to them that one little chicken can be a great cook. The secret is in the ingredients: a fine soup of modern clowning, visual theater, wonderful stage movement and a great tummy-ache from laughter.


Creators & participants:

Created by: Daniel Zafrani & Yinon Tzafrir

Directed by: Daniel Zafrani

Dramaturgy: Yifat Zandani Tzafrir

Setting : Yinon Tzafrir and Daniel Zafrani

Sound designe: Daniel Zafrani

Performance: Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Tzafrir

artistic consulting: Avi gibson barel