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They are coming, they are coming !

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Theatre play:

Three huge babies, who have just found their feet, suddenly find themselves outside their baby-pen, out in the big wide world. In their fresh view of the world of adults, and with the courage of beginners, they explore what is around them, turning human behavior into child’s play and every-day materials into an endless world of inventions. They create a colorful reality, touching all that is human with humor, and all that is foolish with compassion and love. A magical show that expands the heart, changes our perspective, and leaves us with a huge smile.

Ages: for all the family

Creators & participants:

Idea and Direction: Daniel Zafrani

Written by: Daniel Zafrani, Yinon Zafarir

Masks: Ruth Toby

Dramaturgy: Yifat Zandani Zafirir

Performers: Yinon Zafarir/Hagar Rish, Tohar tzafrir  Daniel Zafrani / Sol Baaz, and Yaniv Moyal 

Stills photos: Shlomit Carmeli