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ORTO-Da Theatre Group was established by Yinon Tzafrir together with Yifat Zandani Tzafrir and Avi Gibson Bar-El in 1996.

In 2005 The International choreographer and mime artist Daniel Zafrani had joined the group.

Since the group`s foundation ORTO-Da has won different kinds of international theatre awards, among them, “One of the best 10 performances in the world” (from NRW, West Felia, Germany, 2007) – for “Stones”

The ORTO-Da group focuses on studying, creating and performing unique Theatre events, using an original international language, based on deep observation of human behavior and rooted both in the Israeli culture and in the cosmopolitan humanist tradition.

Since 2012 the Orto-Da team are the artistic directors of the Open air section of the International Haifa Theater Festival

The name, ORTO-Da expresses the tension between the desire to preserve traditional ways of thinking and the dedication to create new ones. It was derived from playing with the words “orthodox” and “Dada” and the Hebrew words for “light” and “thanks”.  The blend of these meanings reflects both our anchor and our freedom to create in the language of the theatre.


The documentary film about the ‘Orto-Da’ Theatre Group

Director: Tor Ben-Mayor
Producer: Sigal Landsberg